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Who are we ?

IOMED is an international scientific and educational organization with board members from across the globe. It is committed to provide opportunities for the purpose of advancing medical education, development and research in all specialties of medicine.

Dedicated to incessant medical education, IOMED attracts a wide range of intellectual resources and physicians together through convening international educational conferences, programs, and meetings where physicians, paramedics, and other health care professionals’ performance are enriched, and higher standards are set to achieve better care in order to promote the highest quality of patient care

The organization actively initiates partnerships with academic, and healthcare foundation entities where physicians and medical professionals from across the globe come together in a series of learning and educational conferences to look at the current health techniques, their effectiveness and quality, exchange knowledge and experience on the latest innovations in medicine, share best practices.


IOMED is to be a designated prime source of medical educational development and advancement,

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IOMED is dedicated to nurture, promote and foster medical education, research and development

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